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Electronics Industry

Filigree components made from high-precision tools

Thanks to our experience and technologies, sensitive interfaces between plastic and metal are no problem for us. During design, the consideration of form-fit and adhesion forces are a matter of course. We support and advise our customers with regard to the surface finish, the type and design of form-fitting connections and the plastic material used. The addition of tolerances of different material components is also a challenge for us, which we are happy to meet.


Especially for sensor technology components, we feed punched grids from a spool to the injection moulding tool. After the injection process, the strip is rolled again as spool material or cut out.

Insert Technology

We insert sockets, screws, contacts and fastening points into the injection mould using the insert process. Our electronic components such as plugs, PCBs, sensors and contact pins are positively integrated directly into the manufacturing process, so that downstream assembly processes are often saved.

Outsert Technology

In the outsert process, we overmould sheet metal-based components with mostly functional plastic elements. In the series process, the prefabricated and tempered sheet metal components are often fed fully automatically to a moulding tool and overmoulded with thermoplastic.


For the hybrid components of the electronics industry, we mostly use fully automatic feeders via spiral conveyors, via 6-axis robots or handling grippers, which we design individually for the product and process.

Our products

Sensitised to safety

  • Connectors and male connectors
  • High-voltage battery and power electronics components
  • Enclosures for fuse and surveying technology
  • Enclosure components
  • EMC-shielding components

Our Potential

The degree of digitalisation is still increasing in all areas of life, which means that electromagnetic interference can occur more frequently. These influence the devices among themselves and can even lead to system failure. For this reason, electromagnetic compatibility, or EMC for short, is becoming increasingly important.

The electrical conductivity of the metal in combination with the excellent insulation properties of the plastic gives us great scope for further developments and completely new applications. We can also integrate fibres and coatings into our processes. Thus, EMC enclosure components made of plastics or fibre composites, with coatings or in sandwich designs are possible with our technologies.


Alhorn is our location for customised system solutions in plastic injection moulding with a specialisation in connectors and electronic components.

Injection moulding

As OKE Group we offer our customers a comprehensive injection moulding range from a single source!

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