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2C Extrusion

Product benefits through masterbatches

It’s all a matter of the right mix! We determine the materials based on your requirements and the areas of application. Various colour or hard-soft combinations are just as conceivable as cost-efficient material variants. It is also possible to process up to 4 components inline. We select the plastics so that functions and requirements are fulfilled optimally and efficiently. Of course, we take into account environmental influences, such as heat or moisture, so that our plastic profiles have a long service life.

Our main focus is on thermoplastics such as PP, PE, PP-TPE, polyamides and silicon. Our hybrid technology makes all this possible.

icon Hard & soft combinations
icon Cost
icon Long
service life


  • individual coordinated masterbatches
  • optimised production process for mixtures
  • low tooling costs
  • different finishing like printing, punch-outs or complex contours
Profile extrusion

Over 80,000 km of extruded profiles


Complementary material compounds

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