Live well.
Work well.

Working together in mutual respect for each other,
that's what we mean by a good working atmosphere.

We like people is our mission statement. And you can tell. We listen, are polite to each other and help wherever help is needed. With OKE Plus, we have also developed a concept with numerous programmes that helps you stay healthy in every respect.

Our CEO, Thomas Tillner, sums it up:

‘I think each of us needs to feel that our own work and personal commitment is valued. That I am respected and heard as a person. That is a basic requirement in order to feel comfortable in a company.’

Welcome to OKE, the place for a good life and good work!

At a glance

Working at OKE


About 70% of our employees work in the production environment. High-quality work clothes, sufficient occupational health and safety as well as good lighting conditions and controlled temperatures play a major role here.

We equip the workstations in our offices with height-adjustable desks, laptops, multiple monitors, high-quality headsets and a comprehensive software package (Office365) as required.

And for the sake of completeness: coffee machines and water dispensers at central points in production and administration can be used by everyone.


Teamwork is our top priority. In doing so, we place particular value on fair cooperation and face-to-face encounters, which we emphasise by being on first-name terms and using the informal ‘Du’ to address each other. We offer this to everyone who wants to get involved and learn more. Because we believe the greatest potential for the development of us all lies in the diversity of our personalities.

Bonuses and premiums

We are inquisitive and personal commitment pays off. Our internal suggestion scheme rewards optimisation approaches that drive us forward. In addition, we grant various bonuses for health-promoting behaviour, for hiring new employees based on a recommendation, and we pay out anniversary bonuses.


For us, occupational health management has always been more than just exercise balls and nutrition tips. Whether in the company gym or in partnership with an external gym, exercise is a welcome change from the daily work routine. Body and mind are thankful when we use the workout equipment, attend fitness classes, get out the mountain bikes, play basketball or volleyball, jog together – all with professional support from our on-site health managers if needed. They have the expertise when it comes to individual training plans, physiotherapy or injury prevention. And of course they have a few nutrition tips at hand if needed.

Continuing education

Admittedly, we love changes. They have made us successful. At the same time, economic success also ensures our personal development. Our learning facility helps to take the next steps. Whether technical or product training, English for apprentices or management training, internal and external trainers regularly open up new perspectives for us. We are currently expanding the range of digital forms of learning on a large scale.

Development prospects

The OKE Group is made up of a total of 19 individual companies that combine, complement and expand areas of competence in an extremely effective manner. The five locations in Germany and seven others from Brazil to Vietnam offer a wide variety of development paths. This helps us promote the obvious as well as the dormant potential of our employees. Cross-sectoral development steps from one work area to another, across locations or even abroad – there are so many possibilities. We just need to talk about them.

Pool vehicles

Our extensive vehicle pool now also includes 40 electric vehicles – and the trend is rising. This saves fuel and is fun, especially for our carpools in production. We provide them with a car free of charge for their shared commute.

Children's Aid

OKE Kinderhilfe collects and coordinates donations from employees in order to provide meaningful help on a larger scale. The money goes entirely to our projects. Our goal: helping people to help themselves, especially in education, and to give as many children as possible in developing countries a chance to live and work well.


With our large photovoltaic farm at the Hörstel site, we were among the pioneers promoting the use of solar energy in companies. A lot has happened since then! It is not only the charging points for our e-fleet that contribute to increasing our sustainability but also over 200 individual measures, such as the switch to LED lamps, the use of modern cooling and compressed air systems, heat recovery, recycling and much more.

OKE Plus

Our promise

In a survey every two years, our employees provide information about what is really needed. In addition to regular personal feedback meetings, we thus create additional, anonymous space for wishes, praise, criticism and personal challenges. With these insights, we continuously update our services, which cover four areas:


We ensure we provide good work facilities, from furniture to technology to workwear. New technological tools or the digitalisation of our processes facilitate and enrich our daily business. But for us, a workplace is even more: a place of encounter, inspiration and togetherness. Therefore, we create opportunities for dialogue and a sense of community depending on the local conditions, from the restaurant to green spaces to the meeting rooms or common areas.


We see the whole person. Modern, ergonomic workplaces are a matter of course for us, but we go much further. For comprehensive well-being, we offer nutrition and exercise options, a positive approach to taking breaks as well as medical and psychological counselling. Above all, however, we always seek personal dialogue in order to understand each other.


We spend a lot of time at the workplace and are convinced: together we can do more. To ensure a good understanding among one another, we offer our employees transparent access to important information and background knowledge – both digitally and through the principle of open doors. Our mission statement ‘We pay attention’ ensures the understanding of our goals, values and standards. OKE Plus complements these basics with group meals, work break activities, company parties and excursions. Our carpools also strengthen the feeling of togetherness!


We all have other, important interests besides our jobs: family, friends, hobbies and our private lives. We want our employees to have enough time for all of these. To this end, we work as flexibly as the scope of work allows – we are also happy to work hybrid. Complementary site-specific services, such as medical examinations, physiotherapy, vehicles for pooling, or childcare, help to manage one’s own physical and mental resources.

Our mission statement

We take care!


Whether customer, supplier, employee or manager: we treat each other with respect and fairness.


We make sure that you are well, we keep you informed and are open to your questions and suggestions.


Work is an opportunity to grow, learn something new and achieve common goals.

Provide a

Our customers are people who entrust us with their orders and pay us. Therefore, we give our best every day for their satisfaction.


We enjoy celebrating joint and personal successes. They motivate us to continue to move forward.


We use good ideas to create perfect solutions. To achieve this, we are prepared to break new ground.


We would rather risk making the wrong decision than nothing happening. Each employee has the opportunity to make decisions autonomously.


Work is a part of our lives that brings us joy, money and success. But we know: there is more than that.

Colleagues share their stories

Voices from the teams

Jonas IT Administrator

In IT, we support all OKE sites worldwide. I work flexitime, so I take advantage of time differences – and, on the other hand, simply enjoy to stay at home a little longer in the morning.

Seda Application Engineer

After graduating as an industrial engineer, I was able to experience interesting specialist areas at OKE and have been heading the development department at OKE Automotive since 2018.

Tanja Forewoman in mould making

I work at an interface between production and toolmaking at Schröder. With my colleagues Kai and Dennis we simply form a super team!

Andreas & Ralph Development & Key Account Manager

We are furniture makers to the core. Als Team beraten wir Kunden oft direkt bei ihnen vor Ort. Und auch wenn Ralph als Außendienst alleine unterwegs zu Kunden ist, bleiben wir im engen Austausch. Mit Video-Calls entwickeln wir sogar dann gemeinsam Produkte, wenn einige Kilometer zwischen uns liegen.

Kerstin Reception

For visitors, I am the first face they see or the first voice they hear on the phone. I make sure that everyone finds their contact person. Here at the reception desk, however, I also coordinate many other processes. For example, I organise language training for our employees or the use of our pool vehicles.

Do you like what you see?

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Frequently asked questions

The easiest way to do this is via our job portal With the help of the application forms stored there, our processes are quick and easy. By the way, you will find jobs at all German sites there. Just have a look, apply and you’re on your way.

How long the selection process takes depends largely on the position to be filled. Basically, our goal is that the entire process from your application to the hopefully positive news takes no longer than an average of 4 weeks.

In order to assess how well your experience and knowledge fit the job, we are pleased to receive the following documents:

  • A cover letter in which we can get to know you in a short and relaxed manner. Tell us something about what drives you, feeling fully in your element, in short: what you are particularly good at.
  • A resume that tells us something about what you’ve done so far.
  • If applicable, the last certificate, if you have not had much opportunity to gain professional experience (e.g. as a graduate or a new professional).

In any case, you should submit a cover letter and a CV, so that we can make the quickest progress in the application process.

The most exciting moment is certainly the first personal conversation. This can be done by phone or teams or live and in colour. A bit of stage fright is part of it, but don’t worry, it will be a good conversation:

  • We talk openly and relaxedly. This is important to us because, believe it or not, we are also a little tense. Finally, it is a question of a possible common path.
  • Of course, we also have some specific questions. We are taking a potential-oriented approach. In other words, we would like to discuss your strengths and what we can achieve together.
  • Don’t dress up. We like it when you dress for the occasion out of respect. Above all, however, it is important to us that you feel comfortable.

Ask us! I’m sure you’re just as curious as we are. So don’t put a leaf in front of your mouth. We’re not doing that either.

We schedule a total of two interviews.

In the first conversation, we would like to get to know you. If necessary, even together with colleagues from the department in which you would like to work.

An encounter like this echoes, so we’ll reflect on our conversation afterwards, and I’m sure you will, too.If we have the impression that we are a good fit for each other – well, then we’ll move on to the second round.

In the second interview, we would like to get to know you even better. For this purpose, you will answer a questionnaire and learn about our health concept. Because the mantra “Live well. Work well.” is close to our hearts. You will then get to know your future team – after all, you need to fit in there as well.

After this second round we will make our decision. And you will also know whether you have found the right job or not. In the best case scenario, we will call you and make an appointment to discuss the contract.

We do not presume to know your questions. But we are happy to take the time to hear and answer them. Simply write to us directly at