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Water-carrying and mechanical elements are usually produced as hybrid components from a punched part, which we manufacture in-house, overmould and automatically assemble into subassemblies. The components are already picked during the manufacturing and assembly process so that they can be fed precisely to the customer’s assembly lines without further repackaging. In extrusion, we also manufacture seals for water-carrying equipment.

Product examples dishwashers

We produce metal-plastic hybrids for all manufacturers of dishwashers. In just one operation we produce components with different materials, complex geometries or fully automated assemblies that easily withstand the high demands of mechanical and chemical stress. Here is a small selection of products that we manufacture with or without upstream value-added potential analysis

Basket handle with manufacturer logo
X Basket handle with manufacturer logo

Height adjustment of the upper basket

X Rackmatic

Height adjustment of the upper basket

Stator connection plate
X Stator connection plate
Door lock
X Door lock
Hybrid technology

Basket handles, rollers and locking elements for the so-called white goods are often used as hybrid components. Here we use the stability of the metal and moulded functional elements made of plastic.

Wilhelm Schröder

Discover the world of efficient metal-plastic hybrids at Schröder!


Alhorn is our supplier for high-precision and durable injection molded products with tolerances under +/- 0.01 mm.

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