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Component assembly and automation

Turnkey solutions thanks to fully and partially automated plant technology

to complex assemblies in fully or partially automated production processes. With our 16 individual companies worldwide and our three centres of expertise in Lübbecke, Herscheid and Goslar, we are always close to our customers logistically.

Automation in the OKE Group

  • Integration of punching tools & complete punching machines
  • Extensive laser processing (ablation, welding, marking and cutting)
  • Bonding techniques
  • Ultrasonic, hot gas, vibration and infrared welding
  • Assembly automation: partially/fully automated, stand-alone, complex assembly lines

Hans von der Heyde


Alhorn is our supplier for particularly precise connectors and electronic components for the automotive and electronics industry as well as for medical engineering with tolerances below +/- 0.01 mm.

KKF Fels

At KKF, we produce multi-component parts and large components and assemble simple to complex modules for vehicle interiors and engine compartments.

Wilhelm Schröder

Schröder in Herscheid produces component assemblies mainly consisting of plastic-metal hybrids for vehicles, medical engineering and locking technology as well as household electronics.

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