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Boost your seating and sleeping furniture with Goodside! The glass fibre reinforced slats surpass any other suspension in terms of durability, ergonomics and integration.

We give a 25-year guarantee on its permanent elasticity and offer many different connection options with caps, clip systems, as a pad, in foam ... You can even place the slats in grooves! Each option is without initial tension and can combined with simple frames.

Ergonomically, Goodside scores with the absence of segmental arches, the high elasticity and the simple implementation of individual sleeping and seating areas. Slats with different degrees of hardness are marked by a color code and are interchangeable with each other.

Individual solutions

  • The lightweight system is versatile and suitable for all upholstered furnitures and beds.
  • Goodside is characterized by extremely simple and fast processing during the production process of furnitures.
  • The slats get by without any preload, so that no more loads are transferred to the seat frame and simpler frames can be used.
  • Due to the design without a segmental arch, Goodside can even be positioned directly into the foam or or sewn into pads, without any fastening materials!

With Goodside you save energy, working time and many unnecessary components. You win ergonomy and durability!


Goodside is not only ergonomically state of the art - its design has also won prizes, for example the interzum award at the world's largest supplier fair for the furniture industry. And the German Design Council awarded our system the German Design Award 2016.

A small note to our copiers: Goodside, including the entire production process, is protected by patent.