All well-known OEMs place their trust in OKE

For more than thirty years, our technically sophisticated extruded plastic profiles have been safely and securely connecting covers to vehicle seat metal structures, cushioning them and providing them with contours.

In the extrusion process, we process all thermoplastics and internally developed compounds, which are combined with complementary materials such as non-woven or tapes. Foamed profiles complete our extensive range. Our products are normally finished inline with longitudinal cuts, marking, printing, complex punches or laser contours. The result is absolute precision, offering maximum cost efficiency and tolerance accuracy.

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    Profiles: Search.
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We act as a link between the sewing companies and developers
and support our partners with important information and services.
Such as:

  • Close communication with all partners
  • Laboratory tests in many locations
  • Global standards in all OKE plants
  • Central coordination of worldwide projects
  • Daily updated parts lists
  • Short reaction times and high flexibility



  • Quality


    As an important supplier of Europe's largest car manufacturer, we are accustomed to meeting the highest requirements for products and processes and ISO / TS 16949: 2009 daily. We regularly verify our products and their applications with our sophisticated OKE in-house tests. Our plastic components withstand even long-term loads.


  • Burn rate according to FMVSS302 or DIN 75200
  • Tensile test according to DIN EN ISO 527
  • Bond strength according to DIN EN ISO 527
  • Bending strength according to DIN EN ISO 178
  • Hardness Shore D and M-Shore D according to DIN EN ISO 868
  • Density measurement according to DIN EN ISO 1138-1
  • Fourier Transmission Infrared Spectroscopy using ATR Nicolet iS10
  • Dynamic differential calorimetry based on DIN EN ISO 11357
  • Impact strength according to DIN EN ISO 179

Technology and
market leader

3/4 of all cars are on the road with OKE products. All major OEMs have placed their trust in OKE for decades, benefiting from our expertise and experience.

Above all, the constant development of our products and processes, the investments made in modern machinery and equipment and, of course, in our employees, make us a
valuable partner in the automotive industry.


We don't just concentrate on the product. As part of our value analysis services, we consider our customers´ entire production process and increase their e«ciency. As part of a VA/VE, we analyse existing products including supply chain with regard to cost reduction, improved quality and supplier relations.


  1. You define a cost sensitive project.
  2. You send the complete seat to us.
  3. We analyse and change your seat in our own trim shop and document everything.
  4. We present the changed seat and discuss all pros and cons with you.
  5. Finalisation and optimisation of the new solutions.




Unsere Standorte

Patented TieDown

Our patented TieDown is practically a must for a vehicle seat’s optimal connection
construction. The TieDown, developed more than 30 years ago, continues to play
a major role especially in the design. Regardless whether line or radius tufting,
for thin or thick foams or on wire or clip. The continuously developed TieDown is an
ideal solution for a durable and comfortable seat attachment.