For a better future

We live in a privileged environment. We know that, and that's why we campaign for children born with poor prospects of education and social security.


Our charity project >OKE Kinderhilfe< collects and coordinates many small donations in order to provide significant help on a larger scale. Especially the OKE employees regularly donate money. The money is channeled undiminished into our projects – without administrative costs. Helping people to help themselves is our goal: through good education we are able to provide the children with the chance to have a better life.

Even with the smallest donations we can achieve a lot!


With each amount you provide valuable help. We are happy to send you a donations receipt. Please provide your complete address on the bank transfer note. Our bank details: 

Kreissparkasse Steinfurt
Kto.-Nr. 72 33 65 14
BLZ 403 510 60
IBAN: DE23 4035 1060 0072 3365 14


OKE Kinderhilfe in Ethiopia

The main project of OKE Kinderhilfe is located in northern Ethiopia in the Tigray region in the town of Rama, only a few kilometres from the border with Eritrea. 

The region is affected by HIV, malaria and the effects of the past Ethiopian-Eritrean war. In addition, the area is plagued by droughts and food shortages.

A total of 50 children between the ages of 6 and 13 from precarious family backgrounds, mostly half-orphans or orphans, are supported by OKE Kinderhilfe with basic supplies in the form of food, clothing, hygiene utensils and learning materials, but also with psychosocial support.

Lunch for pre-school children

A second project is located not far from our South African factory in Paarl.

The area has a high unemployment rate (families largely dependent on seasonal work on vineyards and orchards), gang crime, high levels of poverty and drug and alcohol abuse. Accordingly, the number of needy children is very high.

Here we provide 100 pre-school children with a daily hot lunch.


For a better future

We thank you very much for your interest in our work and would be happy to answer your questions about the OKE Kinderhilfe.

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