For a better future

We live in a privileged environment. We know that, and that's why we campaign for children born with poor prospects of education and social security.


Our charity, the OKE Kinderhilfe, collects and coordinates many small donations in order to provide help on a larger scale. Especially the OKE employees regularly donate money. The money flows undiminishedly into our projects – without administrative costs. Our aim: Help people to help themselves. Through good education we are able to provide the children with the chance to have a better life.

Even the smallest of donations can achieve a lot. For 2 Euros, a family of five in India can buy vegetables every 5 days for a month. The school fees and child support in our homes are 17, - Euro per child per month. Join in, because doing good feels good!


With each amount you provide valuable help. We are happy to send you a donations receipt. Please provide your complete address on the bank transfer note. Our bank details: 

Kreissparkasse Steinfurt
Kto.-Nr. 72 33 65 14
BLZ 403 510 60
IBAN: DE23 4035 1060 0072 3365 14

We thank you very much for your interest in our work and would be happy to answer your questions about the OKE Kinderhilfe.

OKE Kinderhilfe e. V.
Andrea Kreling
Nobelstraße 7
48477 Hörstel
T +49 54 59 914-0
F +49 54 59 914-200


The Kinderhilfe at India

Some children in our orphanage have lost their parents, others come from families who earn a living as day laborers and would otherwise have no opportunity to attend school.

They come into a loving community with regular meals and basic medical care. All children go to school and return the favor by diligent learning!


The Inkwenkwezi School

The project near Cape Town in South Africa has been looked after by us since 2006. At that time Inkwenkwezi Secondary School was in a hopeless condition.nd.

Because of the donations, additional teachers were hired and new teaching materials purchased. But that's not all: in the meantime, even a new school building has been built!