Field De-coiler

The Field De-Coiler is used to make the implementation and unwinding of coils in the field much easier and time saving. It also helps with the quality of the pipe by making no kinks in the pipe with the unwinding process.


In-store de-coiler

The Shop De-Coiler helps to cut a full role of pipe to a specific length per customer request. The end product to the end user is much neater and there is no wastage and the customer’s premises is kept neat.


Draai homs

Developed for the fastening of dripper lines to existing wire structures in vineyards and other pipes. They are a smart and effective fixation of the dripper lines and quick and easy to install. The Draai Homs are available in various lengths and in the widths 15 and 20 mm.


Civil Pipes

Polycop pipes

Polycop Pipes are used in the housing industry for water usage. Pipes range from 15 mm to 28 mm in diameter and are a class 10 (10 bar).