Over 20 years experience

With our irrigation systems, we support in particular the agricultural industry in South Africa with an optimal water supply of the acreage. The ideal combination of years of experience, technical know-how and our expertise in the agricultural industry make us a valuable partner.

The conditions of the agricultural industry of South Africa are extraordinary. Extreme weather conditions and scarce water resources require optimum use of existing resources. For our irrigation pipes, we use particularly hard-wearing material that can withstand the heat and sunlight of South Africa. Our pipes are very UV-stable and resistant, and the smooth inner surface also improves hydraulic efficiency and reduces algae growth. Our micro-sprinklers are equipped with a bayonet system to meet the increasing fluid requirements of growing plants. The sprinkler and nozzle can be changed in one go to change the flow rate.


  • UV-stable and resistant pipes
  • The smooth inner surface of the pipes reduces algae growth
  • Optimal hydraulic efficiency
  • Replaceable bayonet system for different flow rates
  • Up to 10 years warranty


Many large wine and fruit growers trust in OKE and irrigate their growing areas with OKE extruded plastic pipes. Rightly so, because our certificates confirm this. As an SABI and SAPPMA member, we are an accredited agriculture partner in South Africa and, in addition, we are SANS4427 certified.


Up to 10 years warranty

We use only selected and high quality materials. Combined with our know-how in pipe extrusion and our modern machinery, we extrude only first-class pipes and hoses. That's why we give a warranty of up to 10 years on our extruded plastic products.



We attach great importance to the responsible use of the resources of the environment. In many regions of the world, water is very scarce and thus an extremely valuable commodity. With our irrigation systems, we ensure that the water really arrives where it is needed.

Our robust pipes made from particularly durable material prevent material breakage and hence the unwanted loss of water; our micro sprinklers distribute the water directly to where the plant grows.

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