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Welcome to OKE in Cape Town!

More precisely, in Paarl, just north of Cape Town. Here we develop and produce irrigation systems that are used in the cultivation of wine and fruit. Durability and ease of use are the two main reasons why so many farmers use our products. 

We offer a warranty of up to ten years – even though the systems are often exposed to direct sunlight for years. That's why we use carefully selected, high-quality materials that also resist agrochemicals. In South Africa, we also benefit from our good logistics: when delivered, there are no large empty spaces in our vehicles. We quickly bring even large quantities to where they are needed. We produce very efficiently and therefore offer our products at very fair prices. 

We are SABI and SAPPMA member, accredited agricultural partner in South Africa, certified according to SANS4427, ISO9001 and TS16949.

Starter Kits for consumers

Plug and Play: 

Garden irrigation at home should be easy! With our simple all-in-one system, the end user gets everything he needs to build a first, efficient waterway in his own garden. On the basis of a detailed, illustrated assembly instruction, it is not difficult to put the first sprinklers or a drip hose into operation.


You get an overview of all components and application instructions in our brochures.

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