Jürgen Sünnewie

Attention machine and plant operators!

My name is Jürgen Sünnewie. I started working for the OKE Group over 25 years ago and today I am a shift supervisor. Our motto “Live well. Work well.” sums up how we treat each other and why I have enjoyed working here for so long. I’ll tell you more about it below.


For our extrusion lines in Hörstel, we are looking for trained machine and plant operators or technically gifted career changers, e.g. with a manual apprenticeship. We are all united by impressive machinery, where we produce plastic profiles for the automotive, furniture and electronics industries, a good atmosphere during shifts and music at work. So whether it’s setting up the machine, rectifying faults or keeping an eye on material, cardboard boxes & co, the following applies to all: no boredom, good humour all the way.



It’s worth joining! 13 monthly salaries and corresponding supplements for extra shifts as well as pool vehicles for the daily commute lay the foundation for good work. Regional cuisine, freshly prepared in our “Schlemmerland” restuarant, company health management with a physiotherapist, company doctor, gym and more keep you fit. And a great sense of togetherness as well as a willingness to help and have fun doing what we do ensure a good feeling.




I started 25 years ago, when I came here as a painter and varnisher and was initially employed as a production assistant. Today, I run the A-shift together with my colleague Andre.

Yes, definitely. We employ car mechanics, locksmiths and others. If you’re good with your hands, there’s something for you to do here. Of course, we provide intensive support to lateral entrants so that they are really up to speed with the machine after a few months.

Sure, we all have to work to earn a living. But in all those years, I still enjoyed coming here every day. The people make the difference, everyone is friendly here and the atmosphere is just great. You feel that everywhere.

In the past, we have always had fluctuations in the production volumes called up. At the moment, however, demand is rising exceptionally sharply, which is why we also work on public holidays or take extra shifts. The nice thing is that the atmosphere is so good that we don’t mind it. That’s why there is no resentment, on the contrary, when we ask for support, we get it from the team. After all, it’s worth it, because if you’re committed and sometimes work more than 40 hours, you’ll take home the corresponding bonuses.

To buying a case of beer to mark the occasion, which we’ll drink after work. (Laughs) And that they will be kept busy, because as I said, there is really a lot going on at the moment. That means it won’t be boring with us.
Then, of course, to a well-rehearsed team and a good atmosphere. We stick together. For example, if someone is sick, we sometimes take them a food hamoer with a note saying Hey, we miss you. Get well soon.
Our pool vehicles, which our employees use to organise their journeys to and from work, work really well. This saves a lot on fuel costs and you can exchange ideas on the road.
Last but not least, of course, it’s also about the earnings, and they are decent, including a 13th month’s salary and the bonuses mentioned above.

Ha, I actually feel that every day. Because as I said, it’s just fun to work with the people here. This also includes health management and the sports activities that some of our colleagues regularly take part in, whether for health reasons or simply because they feel like exercising.

In a nutshell: versatility and variety.