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Our irrigation system for viticulture and fruit cultivation

We offer a warranty of up to ten years,

even though the systems are often exposed to direct sunlight for years. That’s why we use carefully selected, high-quality materials that also resist agrochemicals. In South Africa, we also benefit from our good logistics: when we deliver, there are no large empty spaces in our vehicles. We quickly bring even large quantities to where they are needed. We produce very efficiently and therefore offer our products at very fair prices. We are a member of SABI and SAPPMA, accredited agricultural partners in South Africa, certified according to SANS4427, ISO9001 and TS16949.

Micro sprinklers

Best materials, well-designed technology.

Our sprinklers are exposed to extreme sunlight, mechanical stress and contact with agrochemicals and soil. Therefore, we use only particularly robust materials. The rotating element is Teflon-coated while UV- and ozone-resistant additives extend the durability of all individual elements.

In practice, our product impresses with a uniform distribution pattern, the patented bayonet fitting for positive locking and the colour code for a transparent, modular exchange in case growing plants require more water.

Drip pipe

Reliable and accurate.

Our drip pipe works almost without any evaporation losses. For irrigation close to the roots, we use pressure-compensating drop dispensers that ensure a continuous, uniform flow pattern without any areas for the water to escape. This flow behaviour prevents blockages at the water outlet.

Our patented design thus works even at low water pressure.

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