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We produce fibre composite parts endlessly in completely different combinations. Pultrusion produces profiles with a high degree of design freedom. The GFRP or CFRP fibres are soaked in a resin and usually coated with a thermoplastic. To save material, we also work here with foamed materials as the core. We produce simple geometries in a particularly cost-efficient pullwinding process. The profiles produced by pullwinding or pultrusion are often coated inline in our extrusion process or are used specifically as inserts to reinforce components produced by injection moulding.

Powerful partner

In our technical centre, we develop different methods for processing fibres. For example, there is also a braided wheel and the option of incorporating foamed plastic elements. We advise, support you in the selection of materials and can carry out many tests in-house.

Process combinations

Together with our toolmaking and mechanical engineering departments, we develop tool and plant technologies suitable for series production, even for highly complex process combinations since fibre-reinforced profiles are often further integrated into subsequent manufacturing processes.

Worldwide availability

Customers also benefit from our global logistics. With a total of twelve production sites in Europe, Asia, Brazil and South Africa, as well as a network of wholesalers and service points, we are there for them worldwide.

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Our fibre composite technologies - endlessly good!

We deal with fibre insertion in almost all areas of the company. For all the geometrical freedom, we also offer injection moulding of short and long fibre pellets on different machine sizes.

Equipped for the future


Pultrusion offers a high degree of design freedom. We adapt individual component requirements to customer specifications by using different components and, if necessary, optimised geometries. Pultrusion offers scope for weight reduction, design of the geometry and at the same time high reproduction accuracy. Hybrid components are our focus in pultrusion. This includes not only the coating of pultruded reinforcing elements but also the injection moulding of functional elements, a connection with metallic components and, for example, the production of flexible profiles.

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Individual fabrications

Fibre-reinforced profiles are often an interesting alternative to quite different materials, such as wood, concrete, steel and aluminium. With different fibres, matrices, cores and protective coats, we tailor our pultrusion profiles to your individual wishes and requirements.

Numerous materials

In series production, there is practically no waste material. Only when cutting to length does a small amount of dust develop. Fibres, nonwovens, yarns and rovings are processed without any loss in the end product. The excess resin after impregnation is stripped off and further used via a recirculation system.


Our quality management accompanies production from goods receipt to delivery with consistently high precision. With our patented production process, we achieve low tolerances with high efficiency.

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