Durable Tools

With more than 60 state-of-the-art processing machines, we produce perfect and durable injection moulding tools for your requirements in our German competence centres.

We set the bar for precision very high and produce perfect components with tolerances in the range of only +/- 0.001 mm. We can use all engineering thermoplastics, even those with a glass fibre content of up to 60 percent. Our high-cavity tools can be achieved up to a size of 800 x 1,000 mm. We also manufacture in partially, but also in fully and highly automated production facilities.

Tools of the highest quality

In addition to the classic one-component standard tools, we also offer special multi-component moulds - tailor-made for our customers and fulfilling the highest demands on quality and processes with maximum cost efficiency.

Customers with new product ideas can rely on us: we create a tool as needed. Depending on the component, our injection moulds meet very different requirements with maximum output and availability.

  • Specialist for tool making

    Specialist for tool making

    Our tools have numerous special features: for quality assurance, there is a pressure sensor in each of our tools and in each cavity. All tools are patterned according to VDA 6.3, we provide the complete PPAP documentation and we create the complete EMPB, if desired with CT.

Qualified employees

Tools for connectors, male connectors, complex housing parts, plastic-metal composite parts. Every perfect component requires a perfect tool. And we at OKE have had more than 30 years of experience with just that! Qualified employees and state-of-the-art machinery are the prerequisites for high-precision tools. A professional project team ensures strict adherence to deadlines!