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Components with pultruded reinforcing elements have many advantages, such as reduced density due to low density (1.85 g / cm3), high strength, good electrical and thermal insulation, high resistance to chemicals and corrosion, and if desired, they are also flame retardant or self-extinguishing. Hybrid components are our focus in pultrusion. This includes the sheathing of pultruded reinforcing elements with thermoplastic materials, the introduction of metallic components, as well as the production of formflexibler profiles.

In addition to the automotive industry and our GOODSIDE® slats, our process also offers completely new fields of application such as the structural replacement of steel profiles in building construction, in lightweight construction or in areas subject to severe corrosion.

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Not only the tremendous lightness of our pultruded round rods is one
big advantage over standard reinforcing elements.
The load capacity is many times greater. Our hybrid components
from the GOODSIDE® product line hold up to 40% more weight than
conventional reinforcing elements.

This allows a wide range of applications for many different industries!


Further application examples