Prepared for the future

Over the past five years, our pultrusion area has undergone significant development. ›Line pulling‹ was developed as early as the 1950s, but in recent years we have found new applications with much faster production speeds, automation and the use of advanced thermosetting resins.

Since components with pultruded reinforcement elements have many advantages, such as reduced weight due to low density (1.85 g / cm³), high strength, good electrical and thermal insulation, high resistance to chemicals and corrosion, and where desired, they can also be flame retardant or self-extinguishing. Hybrid components are our main focus in the field of pultrusion. This includes the sheathing of pultruded reinforcement elements with thermoplastic materials, the inclusion of metallic components, and the production of flexibly-shaped profiles.

In addition to the automotive industry and our GOODSIDE ® slats, our process also offers completely new fields of application such as the useful replacement of steel profiles in building construction, in lightweight construction or in areas with severe corrosion.