When plastic meets metal ...

... then we open up new value-added potentials for our customers with hybrid technology! 

Depending on the design requirements, quantities, complexity and reproduction accuracy, we process our plastic-metal hybrid composites as a post-mould assembly (PMA) or in-mould assembly (IMA). The special requirements of the IMA are part of our everyday activities. Production parameters such as shear strengths, distortion and residual stresses are calculated as well as possibly required mechanical or chemical pre-treatment of bonded joints. 

Thus, very efficient hybrid components are created by us that can withstand daily mechanical and chemical stress in household appliances such as dishwashers, but also highly sensitive and precise plug connections with tight tolerances for the automotive industry.


Overmolding of inserts

When different materials connect, we offer our customers highly precise and efficient solutions. The special injection moulding process is implemented to overmould metal parts or other materials.  This technology is especially important in the precision area of ​​connector and plug connection production.