Synergy effects through hybrid composites

Taking into account value-adding ideas for materials and processes, the OKE Group creates intelligent metal-plastic hybrid composites and hybrid fiber composite components.

Advantages of the hybrid composites are above all the saving of costs and weight for the individual components.

  •      Various processes for post-processing are eliminated
  •      Use of different components in one operation possible

Hybrid injection

Various inserts can be inserted and integrated in plastic. The special injection molding process is used to overmold metal parts or to spray the functional parts onto the substrate.

The aim is to use the respective advantageous properties of the two materials for a highly integrated component.

Specialist in metal plastic compounds

Insert technology

Metal parts are placed in a mold and overmoulded with plastic. In the case of insert technology, plastic outweighs the volume of metal.


In banding, punching bands are fed to an injection mold. By encapsulating the inserts we offer our customers high-precision and efficient solutions.
Especially in the precision area of connector and plug connector production this technique is needed.

Outsert technology

Plastic elements are sprayed onto a metal carrier. In the outsert technique, metal outweighs the volume of plastic in the volume.