Pipes made of GFK

The winding technology allows the production of very light solid profiles and tubes with low tolerances in the inner and outer diameter. A unique selling point of OKE is the use of a foam inlay as a lost mandrel, which can also be made of recycled material. It reduces the component weight with almost comparable mechanical values of conventional solid profiles. Another special feature is the possibility of sheathing with a thermoplastic matrix, which we extrude inline.


Innovative hybrid technology

Due to our technological diversity and our advanced and patented pullwinding technology
a combination of several different technologies is possible. Our reproduction accuracy
as well as the production speed enable us to now also offer economical
be able to manufacture reinforcing elements for lightweight construction projects.


We give your projects new approaches and support lightweight construction with our hybrid process!

Advantages of OKE

Various duroplastic and thermoplastic materials offer a variety of possibilities in connection with our process.


  • Weight reduction through our foam inlay
  • Cost reduction
  • Funktionsintegration
  • Integration of functions
  • Optimal material utilization