Composite Materials

Composite materials (fibre-reinforced plastics) are materials consisting of at least two materials that are a combination of reinforcement and matrix. Both in combination result in a very strong and stiff material. A distinction can be made between reinforced plastics with short fibres and with long fibres.

Composite materials offer many good properties, such as weight reduction - for example compared to steel or aluminium - or flexibility in the application purpose, by appropriate choice of material combination and fibre arrangement for certain types of load.



Since fibre composites are a combination of materials that can be assembled and designed with regard to certain load-bearing capacities, this combination offers a number of advantages over conventional materials:

  • chemical resistance
  • electrical insulation
  • thermal insulation
  • high strength to weight
  • excellent fatigue resistance


In our technical center we test fiber-matrix combinations especially for our customers applications. Process engineering is our focus, because in addition to all requirements for the component, we always offer a reproduction-accurate and cost-effective production. Our close cooperation between component design/construction and process engineering creates ideal conditions for the development of cost-efficient, energy- and material-saving combination of materials and processes.

In nearly all our corporate sectors we deal with fiber composites. In the area of injection molding we often use a polyamide with embedded glass fibers. The profiles produced in pullwinding or pultrusion are coated inline or used as inserts to specifically reinforce components produced in injection molding.


Complex plastic connections with GOODSIDE

DIE FEATURES for upholstered furniture


  • Extraordinary lying and sitting comfort through even sinking and high elasticity
  • More hygienic than wood, because it is hydrophobic
  • Elasticity levels for different sleeping or sitting zones
  • Saves time and material in the production process of upholstered furniture
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