Complex contours, implemented effortlessly

We provide extruded products with complex contours and punch-outs with the help of the inline punching technology.

Our manufacturing process offers many advantages such as efficient production of very small batches, short tool delivery times and a visually attractive design without sprue.
Product sizes of up to 150 mm and a length of max. 450 mm can be implemented using our process.


independent of quantity

Even very small series can be fast and cost-effectively provided with complex contours or cut-outs. The inline stamping technology makes it possible!

short lead times

Whether in pre-production or during serial production: Time is money! It is a good thing that the lead times in plate punching technology are very low.

Low tool costs

Reduced tool costs compared to injection moulding. It can not be cheaper! And not faster either. Because we do not have to wait for the completion of the injection moulding tools.


Beautiful Optics

We can do that really well! Optically perfect products: without sprue, without joint lines. Our products look good and perform their functions perfectly.