Our responsibility.
Our goals.

We are aware of our responsibility as an entrepreneur, employer and as part of society, and we act in a sustainable manner.

It is our ambition to reconcile the current market requirements of the industry with our responsibility for future generations. This can only be achieved with clear values and agreed quality, energy and environmental targets. We work on this every day.

This is what we have
already achieved:

Energy consumption
since 2012

Energy consumption
since 2012

CO2 Emission per km 
since 2014

CO2 Emission per km
since 2014

Scrap reduction
since 2015

Scrap reduction
since 2015


Into the future electrically!

And the beneficiaries are our employees and our environment! This is because some of the vehicles in our e-fleet are used by our employees as carpool cars. This means that our employees do not have to pay any travel costs at all and we are climate neutral. A definite win-win situation. Our fleet of e-vehicles is growing steadily and will continue to be expanded in the future.



Green electricity!

Since 2010, we have been operating our own photovoltaic system at our site in Hörstel. Even if we work day by day to reduce our electricity consumption, we will still not be able to do without electricity in the future. That's why it's important for us to produce 'green' electricity to minimise the impact on the environment. With our photovoltaic system, we could supply over 300 households with green electricity. We are proud of that!



    Our sustainability report is an impressive illustration that we as the OKE Group are successfully addressing the issue of sustainability. In addition, as an active driving force, we demand and promote change processes that take account of social, ecological and economic demands - even beyond our own business areas.


Already implemented.

We are constantly working to improve ourselves and want to get a little better every day.
We have already successfully implemented a lot. Further measures are being planned.
An extract:

  • own photovoltaic system at the headquarters in Hörstel, Germany
  • complete conversion to LED lighting
  • steadily growing e-fleet
  • investment in more climate-neutral compressed air systems
  • use of the latest cooling technology
  • latest technology of injection moulding machines (all-electric or hybrid machines)
  • Commitment to the Climate-Friendly SME Initiative